Adoption Timeline

Friday, September 19, 2014

He Gives and Takes Away

Have you ever noticed the beauty of a stone?  Take a wedding ring…it’s often a beautiful stone that is complimented by either other stones, or an additional band. It’s perfect and unique. Though other stones out there may look similar to an outsider, your ring is completely unique.  And you can’t imagine it any other way.

A lesson that has been slowly revealed to me over the past year or so is the perfect and unique nature of each of our lives.  Just like a beautiful wedding ring, our story, because it is written by God, is perfect and unique.  Every second of our lives were weaved together, like a patch on a quilt, to complement each other and in the end, create a beautiful masterpiece.  Every crushing trial and every joyous blessing, as it passed through the hands of our God, was perfect and unique to our life story. 

I bought two beautiful rings recently from James Avery, to remember two lives that were important to me.  They were two birthstone rings, so I had no choice in the color, but God did.  And as I slipped my two new rings on my finger, I couldn’t help my smile through my sadness, that these two stones complimented each other.  I couldn’t imagine one without the other.  They were perfect. And alone or apart from each other, it would be a totally different.  And so I was reminded, that each step in our journey here on earth, was created to all be interwoven to create a masterpiece.  Through life’s first cry, to death’s final breath, HE is doing something in you, creating a masterpiece.

Sometimes, when you are in the storm, you can’t see the beauty and you definitely can’t see the why behind it.  I will be honest, there are so many things I can think of, that I still don’t understand why.  But I do know, that is wasn’t meaningless.  And one day, when I am standing before the thrown, it will all make sense.  That beautiful quilt, filled with crushing trials and numerous mountaintops, will be revealed in full.  And it will honor Him.  It will glorify Him.  Because I didn’t create it, only He did.  He knew what patch would accentuate the other, He knew the color of each thread. 

So be reminded today, that whether you have just witnessed the miracle of life as a new cry filled the room, or whether you said goodbye too soon to someone that you loved, that God is there. Whether you are in a season of waiting, a season of loss, or a season of overwhelming blessings, He is there. When all else changes, He is constant.  He is good.
He gives. He takes away. Blessed be His name.