Adoption Timeline

Adoption Timeline

Adoption Timeline #1

July 11th - Submit Application to Holt China Adoption Program
July 14th - Submit IACA, Fee Schedule, Photos, Tax Documents
July 20th - Accepted to Holt China Program
July 25th - Met with Children's Medical Center International Adoption Team
August 28th - Mailed off Home Study Packet
September 13th- 1st meeting for home study
October 1st - Completed Hague Approved Adoption Training
October 18th - 2nd meeting for home study
November 4th- Home Study approved by Lutheran Social Services
December 23rd - Home Study approved by Holt

January 15th- I-800A sent to USCIS
February 29th - Ashley's Fingerprint Appointment
March 4th - Matt's Fingerprint Appointment
March 14th - 797 Approval Letter Received
April 8th - DTC!! (Dossier to China)
April 12th - LID (Log In Date)
May 16th - Received word that Dossier has been translated and reviewed
June 24th - "The Call"
June 27th - Received Morrissey Ri's Pre-Released File
July 8th - Submitted Unofficial LOI (Letter of Intent)
July 15th - Morrissey Ri's File was officially released and we submitted our LOI
July 26th - LOA (Letter of Acceptance)
July 28th - Mailed 1800 to USCIS and Power of Attorney to Secretary of State
Aug 3rd - Filed for Visa's
Aug 9th - I800 Approval
Aug 15th - GUZ # Assigned
Aug 17th - RTF Received
Aug 18th - Article 5 Dropped Off
Sept 1st - Article 5 Pick-Up 
Sept 6th - TA Approval
Sept 7th - CA Confirmed
Sept 12th - Hardcopy TA in mail
Oct 14th - Leave for China!!
Oct 17th - FAMILY DAY!!! Meet Morrissey!! 


Adoption Timeline #2

September 11th: First See Ying's Picture
October 27th: Officially Apply with Agency for second adoption; Start Homestudy Update
December 29th: Receive Ying's Pre-Released File

February 28th: Receive official file
March 5th: Submit LOI (Letter of Intent)
March 9th: Receive PA
March 10th: Submit i800a
March 30th: Fingerprint Appointments
April 10th: i800a Approval

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