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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

June 2016

June was quite an eventful month for us.  First up, my sweet baby boy turned FIVE!!!! How can it possibly be??  We had so much fun celebrating his birthday at the Sci-Tech Discovery Center. The theme was a Dinosaur Dig...and Wyatt was in heaven.  Wyatt is quite the little scientist and builder, so this place was perfect. All the kiddos got to explore the science museum, eat some donuts, make volcano's explode, and go on a dinosaur dig. 

Also in June, the Gonzalez family was plagued with sickness!!  Here's a little recap...

June 8th: I first notice swelling in Xander's cheek, and he was screaming/crying when he woke up. I thought it was a bug bite. So, gave him some Benadryl and Motrin and it seemed to help for the day.  The next day it happened again....and the next day.  So, finally after 3 mornings of this, I took him in.  They tested him for strep and mumps, though he had been vaccinated, so we thought that was rare.  The strep test came back positive pretty quickly and he was strep positive. Started Amoxil.  Within 24 to 48 hours he seemed MUCH better.  A few more days go by of health in our family, and then I get a call from his pediatrician that he actually tested positive for mumps....excuse me?!?!  How is that possible in a child who is vaccinated? (This is a hypothetical question and not meant to start any debate over vaccinating your children...please refrain from any comments on vaccination).  So, apparently mumps is rarely seen anymore because of the vaccine, and this was one of the first cases they had seen in a while. So, after contacting everyone he had been in contact with and the CDC...we thought we were over sickness. 

After that, Xander also had an ear infection, followed by another virus and a stomach bug.  And in the mean time, Wyatt got Strep too, but his took quite a while to get over requiring us to change antibiotics after 5 days of fever. 

Then I eventually got Strep and a stomach bug too...sigh.

They are going to run some tests on Xander eventually to check his immunity, because he has been the catcher of all bugs...including 8 ear infections (and he has tubes).  Plus the whole mumps thing is still a little odd.

Either way, both kids have been fever free for a good 10 days I think??  Something like that...who's counting. 

Other June events...getting ready for our ultimate garage sale.  Lots of sorting, pricing, organizing, selling thing online...all trying to help raise funds to bring Baby Girl HOME!!

And of course, if you read my previous post, we had an emotional goodbye with some dear friends of ours.

I think that somes of June....maybe.  ;)

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