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Friday, April 8, 2011

Boy or Girl?!?

So everyone, including Matt and I, are wondering if this baby growing inside me is a boy or a girl? To clear this up...WE DO NOT KNOW!! No, we are not being mean and just not telling people. We honestly do not know. Do we want to know the gender of the baby? Of course! But we would prefer to wait until June to find out. Our doctor does not know and the sonographer did not even look in that "area." So, the only one who knows the gender of this sweet baby is God. I have had some people make comments that they didn't know how I could fully bond with the baby without knowing the gender? Seriously?!? Do you think a women who is told she is having a boy and later finds out that it is a girl loves that baby any less? Probablly not.

We are are so blessed beyond measure to be carrying this baby and whether it is a boy or a girl...we are already in love with it! Our God created this being and knows the every detail of it's genetic make-up. And in just 2 months...we will finally get to meet this gift! This is one surprise we will never forget!

So....until sure is fun to guess!!! Here are some old wives tales and my responses about gender prediction...
1) If you prefer to sleep on your left side then it is BOY! 2) If have nausea and vomiting really bad throughout pregnancy then it is a GIRL! 3) If you have dry skin during pregnancy then it is a BOY! 4) If you have been craving fruits and sweets during pregnancy then it is a GIRL! 5) If your face is breaking out and reminds you of when your were in middle school it is a GIRL! 6) If you have not had a lot of weight gain in your face then it is a BOY! 7) If a toddler that your know shows no interest in the baby growing in your belly then it is a BOY! 8) The Chinese Gender Chart predicts BOY! 9) If you are carrying high it is a girl...if you are carrying low it is a boy....(I have no idea...see pics below to make your own prediction) 10) If the baby is the shape of a basketball it is a boy...if it is the shape of a watermelon it is a girl...(Again, I have no idea...see pics below to make your own prediction) 30 Weeks... 24 Weeks... 24 Weeks...

67 Days to go.....


  1. You are so cute! Love your blog! :) I love blogging bc you can say so much more than on facebook!

  2. You are beautiful and your baby boy or girl will be perfect! I'm so excited to meet baby Gonzalez, I can hardly stand it! I love that you are waiting to find out and I hope to do the same thing...people who say absurd things about not bonding b/c you don't know the sex are idiots. No, really, they're dumb. I love you!

  3. Ashley you are precious!! You don't look 30 weeks at all!! I too love that you aren't finding out and hope to one day do the same! Can't wait to meet the sweet little one!