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Monday, May 2, 2016

Jewelry with a Purpose

Over the next 6 months or so, we have planned several different fundraisers to help raise funds for our adoption expenses.  Right now, we are working on a jewelry sale, t-shirt sale, garage sale in addition to our main fundraising site for general donations. 

The first project is a jewelry sale! It is really a small world how this project fell into place.  I am a member of various China Adoption Groups, and a fellow adopting family posted about a fundraiser they were participating in.  It was beautiful hand-crafted jewelry that immediately caught my eye.  Here is what I read when researching this Etsy shop... 

"Humble Bee Project was created with the sole purpose of crafting jewelry to represent and further the Kingdom of Christ.

We do this by serving not only the poor, orphaned, and widowed all over the world with a portion of sales, but also serving those that are called to go out from their own home to pursue such as these.

"She opens her hands to the poor and reaches out her hands to the needy."
Proverbs 31:20

Humble Bee Project uses coin currency from a diverse set of nations to create customizable rings, necklaces, and bracelets that can serve as a "stone of remembrance" and reminder that God is a faithful and good keeper of His Promises. He takes care of those in need and will not forget the orphans or the widows."

Little did I know, after reaching out to Melissa, the owner of Humble Bee Project, I would find out that she not only lived in my town, but she attended my church and we had a couple of mutual friends.  Her heart and desire for the nations mimicked ours and I was so excited to hear about how God was using her talent. 

Not only did a portion of all her sales support a ministry I was familiar with and also supported (Naomi's Village in Kenya) but she had recently started monthly adoption sales which would be used to help families who were adopting raise these funds. 

So, she graciously offered to work with our family this month and help us create a few jewelry pieces that would help spread the word and meaning behind adoption, but also help our family as we start fundraising. 

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